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Open Spatial Workshop (OSW) is a collaborative group comprising Terri Bird, Bianca Hester and Scott Mitchell. Since 2003 OSW has produced a broad range of work spanning sculpture, installation, curated events, publications and video production. OSW’s activities are framed by an ongoing interest in physical forces and how the temporalities of these forces are registered. Projects emerge from exploratory workshops focused around our collective interest in the forces of formation involving the social, political, geologic and economic that are registered variously across material events. Past projects have explored the dynamics and vitality of matter and the various ways that immense periods of time and processes are embedded in materials.

In 2017 OSW staged a major project Converging in Time at MUMA Melbourne, that comprised an exhibition, bus tour and publication, which explored connections between materiality, the shaping of territories and the various politics inscribed in place. This was framed through their research into the Natural Sciences Collection at Museum Victoria, employing specific specimens to explore entanglements between geology, geography, colonisation, resource extraction and philosophical thought. Located in a sculptural framework, their works explore complex threads that connect biological, material and geophysical processes to anthropogenic activity – outlining a ‘geo-social’ field formed through interrelated processes of ‘metabolism’ and ‘extinguishment’.